Various Types of Aquariums

The aquarium has become a popular hobby that can be one part of room decor, with around millions of aquarium fans and tropical fish in many countries. Beginning in the 1850s (when modern aquariums were first developed as new curiosities) the ranks of aquarium maintainers had grown as more sophisticated developments including those from lighting and filtering systems were developed to keep fish in the aquarium healthy.

Various Types Of Aquariums

But before you can start a hobby you must first buy an aquarium. When you arrive at a pet shop or special aquarium shop, you will have a large selection of aquarium tanks to choose from:

Metal Skeletons, most old-style aquariums are made with glass sheets, which are framed in a metal frame. These are usually made of angular iron pieces or stainless steel, which are welded together at each corner. Leaks between glass and metal can be prevented by putty cement, acrylic or silicone sealants.

Battery Jars, Fish Globes or Bowls: This type of aquarium is useful for emergency use, but is not recommended as a permanent decoration. No matter how small the object splashed inside, it can make it expand and cause flooding. This not only results in the loss of fish, but also requires the purchase of a new tank, because it is impossible to repair it. Also, when looking through this type of aquarium wall, there is a distortion, which affects one’s view of fish. Similar losses also apply to balls or fish bowls.

Plastics, with growing plastic materials, it is not surprising that this synthetic product has been used to replace glass as an aquarium material. Plastics have the advantage of not being easily broken, but soft enough so that the surface is not scratched. Even if used for a long time will damage the brightness of the plastic.

Vitorlite, this glass-like material is available in many different colors and some very pleasant effects can be obtained by applying it to the side to back up the aquarium. In addition, being opaque Vitorlite will hide unsightly walls and cables or other equipment behind the aquarium.

Wood, an aquarium skeleton with wood is very popular especially for aesthetic reasons. But the wooden skeleton must be built from plywood to prevent arches. The advantage of wood lies in the fact that it can be polished, covered with layered rugs with colors that are in harmony with the room’s furniture.