Plants In Aquariums And Lighting

Aquarium plants provide life in aquariums as well as water for fish. Aquarium plants add beauty to the aquarium and make it look beautiful while completing empty space in the aquarium. The most important thing to remember with plants is to form an attractive background, leaving room for fish to swim without being disturbed and visible.

Plants In Aquariums And Lighting

The most important thing to plan for plants in aquariums is to form an attractive background, the type is high, the grass is best planted at intervals in rows, while the furry ones look better when they are grouped into small clumps, which makes them look like bushes branched out.

When planting rooted plants, hold the root tip between your thumb and second finger and place it on the sand. Now with the first finger push the top of the root where their stems stick into the sand about 2cm. Without moving the swipe finger with the thumb and second finger a little sand above each part of the root that is not closed.

When placing plants without roots in bunches, the method described above is repeated, but this time the lower end of the stem is put together and treated exactly as if they were roots.

It is very important that the water level must be right up to the bottom edge of the iron at the top of the tank, so that the view from the front of the water surface cannot be seen and the viewer gets the impression that there is no water in the aquarium. If the level is left falling below the angle iron the tank looks like a container that holds water.

Aquarium lighting is also important for aquarium plants

It really depends on whether you intend to succeed in planting or not. The lack of light causes colorful fish to fade and dark red to pink, green to white. The two main methods of aquarium lighting are by INCADESCENT and FLOURESCENT.

The total amount of light needed is according to your needs and must be adjusted repeatedly until you wish. Too much light will turn water into green, too little will inhibit plant growth.

Lighting can be natural or artificial or a combination of both. The best position is near the window facing north. This must provide the ideal number of indirect lights equipped with artificial light.

Lighting must be placed in wood that is built in style with furniture and placed above the tank. if there is no natural light, the lamp must be left on for about eight hours per day. The best light to show off the aquarium comes from behind.