Introduction Of New Fish In The Aquarium

There is an important thing that must be done to include new fish into the aquarium that must be considered, namely fish quarantine, fish quarantine is one of the big factors that must be considered closely before being able to ensure that new fish are healthy and not a source of catastrophe for fish that have there is. Most new fish owners do not miss this very important procedure.

Introduction Of New Fish In The Aquarium

For the benefit of aquarium inhabitants, quarantine in the world of fish refers to the physical and chemical treatments of new fish both imported or captured from nature to rid them of diseases and anxieties before being introduced to new environments.

A small quarantine tank (30x20x25cm) is recommended for serious new residents. The alternative is to make sure that the pet store has a functional quarantine section to deal with bacterial, fungal and viral diseases. This is a sure guarantee of fish death.

The unfortunate thing about most stores in this country is the lack of space and inadequate expertise to build and manage prophylactic procedures for new fish, because this procedure will definitely last at least in the near future.

Admittedly, costs incurred for quarantine through the purchase of chemicals, eg copper sulfate, wescodyne, malachite green, teremycin etc.) high. This is more or less reflected in the final selling price of fish, which is slightly higher in the store. But, this will pay off in the long run, because there is no way you will complain of fish deaths when adding new fish.

Quite sure, some fish farmers who read this will be more concerned about implementing this procedure to solve their farm problems especially those who have hatcheries or those who have post-fried stock and seeds.

Feeding New Fish, when you have just introduced a new fish to an aquarium tank, you need to feed the fish. Even though this won’t be instant because no matter how carefully adding fish to the aquarium tank, they will look very unhappy for a while.

Therefore, it is important for us to ensure progress, and allow overnight to get used to their new home before thinking about feeding them. Then feed fish with aquarium fish food with fish debris the next day, this will make the fish feel at home.

If you already have an established tank, it is recommended to quarantine new fish before adding it to the existing population, and the cheapest way to do this is to buy a plastic tank that does not need gravel or plants.

This can be used only for quarantine and as a hospital tank.

Let the fish in this tank for about three days where any disease maintained by fish will be proven that can be treated using chemicals available from your dealer. The fish can then be put into the tank in the same way as before.

When adding new fish to an established community, maybe there will be a number of fights over the new arrivals made by old fish. Try to distract them by giving them good food when fish are introduced.