New aquarium preparations must be given in advance. If after 24 hours there is no leak or the water is not reduced, the aquarium can be emptied and placed in a position on your part of the house. For everything prepared for the aquarium, for this work we will need all decorations such as sand, stone, etc.

To coat the base, first give some sand, the most suitable is called the 1/16 class and that is about the average pin-head size. The type of gravel that will be used must also be considered, which must be uniform in size. Sand and gravel that are sold in aquarium supply stores always have a use, but if not, they may or may not. 2-5mm gravel works best.

If you do not use anything, except sand, it must be washed well in a bucket, under running water until there is no more dirt or foam that appears on the surface – and is spared at the bottom of the tank in layers running from 3-6cm thick to top from front to back. If you decide to mix sand with gravel to make at least a 6 cm layer above the subgravel filter because less than this amount will reduce the tank filtering capacity.

The tank is a basic element, and is the most important in building an aquarium. The size of the tank depends on the number and size of the planned fish in it. That’s why proper planning is very important when you want to have an aquarium.

But then it’s important to make it as desired. By all means, avoid as many globe tanks as possible. The rectangular shape is always the best because it can be placed on the corner of the house. This web provides lots of pictures about aquariums that you can make a reference for aquariums in your home.